For 35 years I lived my life eating meat, wearing leather, and going to the zoo without questioning the impact that my actions had on animals. I have always been an animal lover, but I somehow convinced myself that it wasn't that bad.

Discovering the truth was paralyzing. The first time I watched a video about factory farming, I felt like my entire world had been turned upside down! How could this be? HOW??? How could "civilized society" be capable of this kind of cruelty? And the thought that I was a part of it... I don't think the guilt will ever leave me.

The truth is, we are all disconnected. Society is designed for us not to think about their suffering; It's hidden away, swept under the rug. I believe though, that once people see it; once people really understand what's going on, this madness will stop.

So this blog is dedicated to telling their stories - of the animals forgotten - the gentle souls, unable to stand up for themselves, who are enslaved, tortured, and killed by the billions every year.

If nothing else, I hope it challenges you to really see them as they are, to think about their suffering, and more importantly, to do something about it.